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Updated: 16 Jul 2021

More Than Just A Beach Holiday

Cancun has so much to offer. From paradise beaches to adventure to historical culture. Mexico sure knows how to do tourism right.

Things To Do In Cancun

  • Stunning Beaches
  • Market Shopping @ Mercado Coral Negro
  • Swim In A Cenote I recommend Hacienda Cenote Oxmán
  • Off Road Driving In the Jungle
  • Zip Lining
  • Chichen Itza
  • Valladolid, Old historical town
  • More Coming...

We used a private guided tour from a local called Enrique for 90 dollars per person on airbnb. He picked us up from our hotel and drove us to Chitzen Itza and Oxman Cenote and Valladolid in one day and dropped us back to the hotel on the Hotel zone. We would recommend it for a stress free journey. Trust me this will make your life so much easier and save you so much time on holiday. He takes care of the tickets and you avoid all the ques and reduces all the walking for you. This is The Tour We used by Enrique.

Please don't try to drive yourself if your not familar with the terrority.


Cenotes mostly native to Mexico. They have 99% of the worlds Cenotes. This is a must do when visiting the Cancun region. Cenotes are vary greatly in beauty and doing multiple will take time. Picking the right one is important. things you will need to consider. Transport, location and crowds. Ik Kil is the most famous cenote but be prepared to swim with another 50 people.

I recommend Oxman because its almost the same and there was no more than 18 people there. the crowds will definately ruin your experience. what can be a peaceful swim becomes a kids splash pool.

Chitzen Itza

The Famous Wonder of the world. Need I say More? This is not close to cancun. it will take youre entire day and the ques are large and you may find it difficult to navigate with parking etc.

Mayan Food
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